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Due  to  the  increase  in  demand  and  global  manufacturing  constraints,  some  products  are  taking  longer  to  ship  than  normal.  We  are  working  hard  to  supply  these  high  demand  products  as  soon  as  possible.  In  order  to  best  support  all  of  our  customers  and  prevent  hoarding,  we  have  placed  ordering  restrictions  on  these  high  demand  products.  Orders  placed  for  these  products  will  be  non-cancelable  and  non-returnable  until  the  supply  chain  normalizes.

WT Farley offers ventilator accessories including our utility clamp that features three different ways of clamping - rail systems, poles, and table tops. The clamp can be used for many different purposes including holding blender bracket accessories, cylinder holders, and telescoping top IV Poles.

Our Circuit Support Arm, provides a secure connection of the ventilator breathing circuit that will be maintained at all times. Three separate adjustment points allow the arm to be positioned in many different ways and at various angles. Features include ergonomic tightening knobs, a fine-tune adjustment knob, and a two-year warranty. It is fully capable of being mounted to the side rail on a ventilator by using our optional Circuit Support Arm Mounting Clamp.

An unsecured tube can create a hazard for both the patient and medical staff. Ensure a safe and secure connection from the ventilator to the patient at all times by using our stainless steel CS-arm for quality and safety.

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