MRI Wireless Stereo System

Part Number:MRI-SISS-W
MRI Wireless Stereo System
MRI Wireless Stereo System
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  • MRI quality stereo audio system with user touch interface
  • MRI safe transducer-integrated amplifier
  • Desktop microphone
  • Custom low profile
  • Two-way communication
  • High power receiver
  • Bose technologist side speakers
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet or iPad
  • Large and small headphones with comfort-soft foam cushions
  • EZ Wireless Install or Professional Installation Available

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Part Number:MRI-SISS-W
In development since 2016, Sound Imaging’s MRI Wireless Stereo System provides complete communication within the MRI room. The system’s headsets can be worn by the patient in the MRI bore to communicate with support staff or to listen to high-quality music. More importantly, the wireless headsets can be worn by support staff/relatives in the MRI room, allowing constant, mobile communication with support staff/relatives within the MRI room. Sound Imaging’s MRI Wireless Stereo System is the high-quality MRI communication system that MRI suites deserve.


The MRI Wireless Stereo System is a pneumatic stereo system that is made from non-ferromagnetic materials. It is safe to use inside the MRI room while the technologist monitors the device from the control room. The medical entertainment device can be customized to suit any MRI environment. The MRI Stereo is ready to install and is already being used by hospitals and imaging centers worldwide.

The microphone feature of our MRI Wireless Stereo System allows for communication between the technologist and patient during MRI procedures while also playing music for the patient’s comfort and enjoyment. By creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for the patient, movement from discomfort and reduce anxiety. This decreases the likelihood of unwanted movement, imaging artifacts, and the need for costly re-scans.

  • Six Months Limited Parts Warranty - Extended Warranty or Service Contract Available Upon Request
  • Professional Installation Available

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