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Due  to  the  increase  in  demand  and  global  manufacturing  constraints,  some  products  are  taking  longer  to  ship  than  normal.  We  are  working  hard  to  supply  these  high  demand  products  as  soon  as  possible.  In  order  to  best  support  all  of  our  customers  and  prevent  hoarding,  we  have  placed  ordering  restrictions  on  these  high  demand  products.  Orders  placed  for  these  products  will  be  non-cancelable  and  non-returnable  until  the  supply  chain  normalizes.

WT Farley offers emergency products including resuscitation masks and valves, ems regulators and manifold systems including hoses, regulators and all fittings made custom to your specifications for all medical gas configurations including Oxygen, Air, Vacuum, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and WAGD/Evacuation.
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Resuscitation Masks
Demand Resuscitator Valve
Oxygen Transport Regulator