Cylinder Carts, Racks & Holders

We offer a wide variety of cylinder carts, racks, and holders to help meet your security and mobility needs. Joint Commission Accreditation is vital for all hospitals and our products will help your facility attain and maintain that goal.

Options include Hill-Rom and Stryker compatible tank holders. Some of the various types of models we include are the Stack and Rack multi-cylinder oxygen tank racks and carts as well as floor stands. All products are made of durable steel and include a sleek chrome finish. Five-inch heavy duty casters come standard with our O2 tank cart products. Dolly style and stackable options available for warehouse applications.We also carry Fire-Safe oxygen cylinder cabinets meeting OSHA and NFPA requirements.

All of our cylinder security, mobility and storage products work great with the many different Catalina cylinders that we have available.

Custom configurations on our products are available at your request. Give us a call and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you find the product you need!

Check out our new line of Warehouse/Storeroom heavy duty wire shelving systems.

  • Cylinder Carts Cylinder Carts
    Choose from various sizes and configurations including dolly-style and stackers with wheels. All carts are equipped with heavy-duty casters for safety and convenience.
  • Cylinder Racks Cylinder Racks
    Choose from a wide selection of gas cylinder racks for large and small tanks. Products range from single cylinder racks to multiple bulk storage with options for add-on layers.
  • Cylinder Holders Cylinder Holders
    Choose from many different styles of cylinder holders - OSHA compliant, DOT compliant, IV pole mounted, flat surface mounted, stands, and carriers.