Standard Vehicle Cylinder Stackers

Part Number:CR-DHT
Standard Vehicle Cylinder Stackers
Delivery Vehicle Cylinder Stackers
Your Price: $380.00
  • Rugged delivery vehicle rack system
  • Silent, safe and D.O.T. compliant
  • Includes 4 heavy duty adjustable bolt-down feet (use 3/8" Anchor bolt Not Included)
  • Modular design saves in freight
  • Mix shelves for M6 and E size cylinders
  • Clean chrome finish for years of service
  • Compact version fits in most vehicles
  • High-strength steel construction
  • Optional casters for liftgate delivery vehicles (add 6" height)

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Part Number:CR-DHT
Dimensions for all assembled configurations: 26" Wide x 32" Deep x 24" Tall
Great for oxygen delivery vehicles!

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