MRI Compatible DU-O-VAC PLUS Complete Unit

Part Number:MRI-DV
MRI Compatible DU-O-VAC PLUS Complete Unit
Your Price: $730.00
  • Comes with 50 PSI preset diaphram regulator & 0-15 LPM flowmeter
  • Runs off any 50 PSI oxygen source
  • No electricity or batteries needed to operate
  • Standard model produces 0-350 mmHg of suction & a flow rate of 21 LPM
  • Pediatric model produces 0-180 mmHg of suction
  • High impact-resistant collection canister has built in hydrophobic filter which eliminates contamination
  • Dual 50 PSI check valved outlets allow use of suction and oxygen simultaneously
  • Great for patient transport or attaching onto crash carts
  • Small compact crash cart suction unit - just 1.5 lbs.
  • MRI compatible model

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Replacement Canister Starter Kit / CGA Option
Part Number:MRI-DV

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