IVS Stainless Steel IV Pole Series

Part Number:IVS-
IVS Stainless Steel IV Pole Series
IVS Stainless Steel IV Pole Series
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  • 1-inch diameter stainless steel body
  • Slow decending telescoping pole
  • 4-hook stainless steel bag hangers
  • Choose your base style and build your IV Pole to your needs!
  • Optional: Patient support handle with tray
  • Optional: Dual O2 cylinder holders
  • Optional: 4-outlet hospital grade electrical strip
  • Optional: S hook
  • Optional: Department color coding
  • 5- or 6-leg base / 20" diameter or 26.5" diameter deluxe base
  • Holds up to 20 pounds of IV fluids!

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Part Number:IVS-
Very high quality, stable, stainless steel IV pole. Comes with 5- or 6-leg heavyweight base (17 lbs. / 20 lbs.), low center of gravity, epoxy powder coating, and 3-inch premium casters (two with brakes) with a 10-year warranty on the casters.

Or choose our deluxe ultra sturdy IVDeluxe series base with 4-inch monster style casters!

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