Hospital Grade Back-Up Power Supply 750W Power System

Part Number:WTI-PWRSTRIP-2
Hospital Grade Back-Up Power Supply 750W Power System
TRIPP LITE SMARTPRO700HG Hospital Grade Power Supply
Your Price: $1,430.00
  • Supports 28-minute runtime at half load; 10 minutes at full load
  • 4 Hospital Grade NEMA 5-15R-HG outlets and 120V NEMA 5-15P-HG plug
  • 940-joule surge protection rating protects connected equipment
  • Alarm mute / alarm quiet control is ideal for use around patients
  • 2-year limited warranty***
Part Number:WTI-PWRSTRIP-2
Tripp Lite’s SMART1200XLHG medical-grade UPS system provides dependable battery backup and is fully compliant with UL 60601-1 regulations when plugged into a hospital-grade outlet, making it ideal for use in patient-care vicinities. The 1kVA/750W capacity provides up to 28 minutes of runtime for a half load or 10 minutes for a full load, so you can work through short power failures and perform an orderly system shutdown in a prolonged blackout.

Built-in line-interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 81V and overvoltages as high as 143V to normal 120V nominal output without drawing battery power. The SMART1200XLHG’s built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise, while maintaining full AC surge suppression in all modes.

This UPS system features four NEMA 5-15R-HG hospital-grade outlets and has a hospital-grade NEMA 5-15P-HG plug with a six-foot cord for flexibility in placement. All four outlets provide both backup protection and surge protection rated to 940 joules.

The SMART1200XLHG also features diagnostic LEDs, as well as a USB port and a DB9 serial port that work with Tripp Lite’s included PowerAlert software for safe, unattended system shutdown and file saves in the event of a prolonged power failure.

***If used on Transport carts this technically voids the manufacturer's battery warranty***

Application Usage From Tripp-Lite
This UPS contains a lead acid battery designed to be connected continuously to an AC power source, except during brief power outages. It is not intended for frequent charge/discharge cycles, such as mobile cart applications where the UPS is often disconnected from the power source. Using the SMART1200XLHG in this type of application will void the battery warranty. For mobile applications, Tripp Lite recommends the SMART1200XLHGL with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery.

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