Digital Wright Type Respirometer for Tidal Volume Measurement

Part Number:RA-00-295
Digital Wright Type Respirometer for Tidal Volume Measurement
RA-00-295 Digital Respirometer
Your Price: $1,225.00
  • MEASUREMENT: Air/Gas Volume Flow (lpm)
  • RANGE: 0 to 200 Liters (199.98)
  • RESOLUTION: 0.02 Liters
  • ACCURACY : ±2% at 15 lpm, other flows are per published curve
  • FLOW RATE : 5 lpm minimum , 150 lpm maximum
  • FLOW RESISTANCE : < 2cmH2O at 100 lpm
  • DISPLAY : 4½ Digit LCD with Backlight 0.4”, Character Height
  • POWER SOURCE : Std 9V Battery (50 hrs Avg)
  • INLET / OUTLET : 22mmM x 22mmM
  • DIMENSIONS : 2.8”H x 2.5”W x 4.5”D (Approx)
  • WEIGHT : 9 oz.

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Part Number:RA-00-295
Wright type Digital Respirometer has several field advantages (over analog units) including more robust construction (durable Noryl case and titanium vane), direct reading of measurement (illuminated digital display to 200 liters), and most critically, two (2) methods of device reprocessing (ETO gas sterilization, and liquid Glutaraldehyde HLD) for safe re-utilization.  Equally important, our price is close to one third the cost of similar (analog/mechanical) versions that have been used in the past, and even better, has been made right here in the USA for almost 30 years.

Practitioner need for this device has surged significantly, and Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA) has more than doubled its manufacturing production of this important Tidal Volume measurement device to meet the critical demand.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the utilization or availability of this important diagnostic device.  Your customers will appreciate knowing that you have a source for this Wright type respirometer to meet their needs

With a large LCD display, a rugged GE Noryl® case, and a robust titanium vane, the Model 295 Wright type Digital Respirometer provides direct reading, ease of use and durability for TV, MV and air flow measurement needs.
Separable into two parts, the respirometer is sold complete and ready to use with a 9vbattery, a 22mmF x 22mmF adapter and manual.

• Easier to read and handle
• Extremely durable and reliable
• Savings on initial purchase and maintenance
• Separates for ease of patient
use, cleaning and re-processing
(by ETO / Glutaraldehyde)

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