Air Transport Regulator

Part Number:AR-T950AP
Air Transport Regulator
Air CGA 950 Transport Regulator
Your Price: $410.00
  • Specialty Transport Regulator
  • CGA 950 Small Tank Connection
  • 50 PSI Wall Source Inlet With Reverse Flow Check Valve
  • 50 PSI DISS Power Take Off to Run Your Equipment Uninterrupted
  • Built-In Damage Resistant Tank Contents Gauge
Part Number:AR-T950AP
Air Ventilator Transport Regulator, CGA950 inlet and 50 PSI DISS inlet from wall outlet and 50 PSI power takeoff. This Regulator is perfect for uninterrupted therapy to the patient by simply being able to run off the tank or the wall source individually or simultaneously without back feeding. All you need is a DISS Female End hose connected to the regulator inlet, and choose your wall connection for the other end of the hose and the hose length desired and you are all set.

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